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Public RFT Datasheets (RF&Audio german)

1W Audio Amp. A211D Download
FM IF Amplifier A225D Download
AM Receiver A244D Download
Bal.&Vol. Controller A273D Download
Bass/Treble Controller A274D Download
AM/FM/IF Amplifier A281D Download
AM/FM/NF Radio A283D Download
FM PLL Stereodec. A290D Download
Public RFT Datasheets (TV german)

IF Sound Amp. A223/24D Download
IF Video Amp. A241D Download
Vert./Horiz.- Sync. A255D Download
Vert. Defl. Amp. A1670VD Download
Video-Combination A3501D Download
PAL- Decoder A3510D Download
SECAM- Decoder A3520D Download
PAL-SECAM-NTSC A4555D Download
RFT (GDR) Transistor public datasheets:
BSY34, SC116, SC117, SC118, SC119, SC236, SC237, SC238, SC239, SCE237, SCE238, SCE239, SC307, SC308, SC309

- Public Datasheet -
Type: Integrated Circuit

Name: A210K


Description: the IC A210E is a 6W power amplifier for use in audio frequency stages as well as vertical deflection stages in TV sets

Datasheet: A210K Datasheet Download (german version)

- Public Datasheet -
Type: Integrated Circuit



Description: the IC A202D is a record amplifier with integrated ALC function for use as microfon or playback pre - amplifier in tape decks

Datasheet: A202D Datasheet Download (german version)

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